That’s A Myth

I woke up with this sketch in my head for some reason.  It’s That’s A Myth, a sketch I wrote for The Act, which was my comedy duo with Scott Levy.  I don’t have too many sketches posted on my YouTube page because, frankly, they’re not so hot.  We were one of the first to use public access equipment and we rushed the shows.  As I was looking at the shows recently, they just didn’t seem to hold up very well.  I do have a couple that I could post, but for the most part, I think we’ll pass.

This one, though, is pretty good and represents something we were attempting.  It’s a fast paced sketch and still holds up.  I’m the guy on the left.  The other guy is Bill Balfour, who helped us in the studio with directing and acting occasionally.

Here’s That’s A Myth:

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